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Triumph Cookie Machine after market Parts

These After market Kits for your Triumph Cookie Machine are designed by the Practical Baker to maximize production.

Adjustable Cam and Guard Kit for the Triumph Cookie Machine.
Make the most of your Triumph Cookie Machine with this new Adjustable Cam and Guard Kit to deposit cookies with precision and reduce labor from realigning cookies.

Guard (Type 1)

Cam Bolt
Wing Bolts (Qty 4)
wing bolts
Dismantling Pin (Qty 2)
Cleaning Pin

Adjustable Cam
Adjustable Cam

The Kit includes:  Adjustable Cam, Cam bolt, Guard, ***4 wing bolts, 3/16” allen wrench, and easy to follow conversion manual.  Also included are the Fine Tuning Blocks, Dismantling Pin Kit, Video, and New table belts.

$549.95 Plus Shipping & Handling.  

***Note:  There are two different kits available depending on the age of the machine.  
Add $10 For Type 2 includes 4 wing Bolts.
Type 1 Type 2
Type 1 Type 2

Dismantling Pin Kit for the Triumph Cookie Machine.
Clean your Triumph Cookie Machine faster and cleaner than you have ever done before with this new Cleaning Kit. 

The Kit includes:  2 wing bolts, 2 handle pins and easy to follow conversion instructions.

$39.95 Plus Shipping & Handling

Spring Kit for the Triumph Cookie Machine.
Spring Assembly

For even better performance for your small cookies.  This Kit includes a spring, 2 bolts, and detailed instructions for assembly.  Drill with 3/16” bit required for installation.

$9.95 Plus Shipping & Handling

Training Video for the Triumph Cookie Machine.
“Absolutely get the most out of your Triumph Cookie Machine”
This video was developed and produced by the Practical Baker. 

This video reviews:

  • Installation of Adjustable Cam & Guard Kit
  • Installation of Cleaning Kit
  • Installation of Spring Kit
  • Complete fine tuning guide (Adjustable Cam, Wire, Fingers, Leveling, Belt speed, Quantity Control)
  • Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Production

$49.95 Plus Shipping & Handling

Fine Tuning Blocks for the Triumph Cookie Machine.
Fine Tuning Gauge Blocks(2)
Fine Tuning Blocks

Fine tune the wire and level the hopper easily and accurately every time.  The Practical Baker recommends checking wire alignment every 6 months or more for best results.

$29.95 Plus Shipping & Handling

Table Belts for the Triumph Cookie Machine.
When ordering new belts, there are three different lengths depending on the size of pulley on your particular model.  Two Models are shown below.

$19.95 Plus Shipping & Handling

Type 1 - Chain Driven
Type 2 Type 3 - Belt Driven
Type 1 Type 2

Triumph Cookie Machine Parts and Accessories



Adjustable Cam and Guard Kit


Dismantling Pin Kit - included in kit


Spring Kit - included in kit


Training Video - included in kit


Fine Tuning Blocks - included in kit


Table Belts - included in kit



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For more information Contact:

Tony Stricker
Practical Baker Equipment Company
1001 W. Diggins St., Harvard, IL 60033
(815)943-6040 voice (815)943-9077 fax

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